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Keep Her - Single and Video

About the band

From backgrounds in the creative world of music production, cinematography, advertising, and social media – FRAME JANKO was born out of its members’ love for indie rock n roll music and the desire to express their own ideas and experiences through this versatile genre.

The Jozi-based band started after Levon Lock and Bradley Roberts - guided purely by their intuition and close friendship – spoke about starting something completely fresh. Despite Brad having minimal experience on the bass when starting the band, it’s needless to say that he is a very fast learner and Lev, with his wealth of experience, makes one hell of a mentor.

FRAME JANKO wasn’t complete until drummer, Gary Wright came on board. Entering the band with a strong working relationship with Lev, he brings experience, flashy fills and an understanding that simplicity is oftentimes the ultimate form of sophistication.
Since they started off in January 2017, FRAME JANKO have already had some memorable on-stage moments including: playing their first show at the Clarens Jamboree in December 2017 and their second at Smoking Dragon music festival. After gracing a house party stage in 2018 alongside Hellcats and The Tazers, they’re feeling more passionate than ever…

Exploding onto the scene was first on their agenda and judging by how they’ve been received so far – they’re right on track. With reviews like “The very epitome of young and ambitious, Jozi-hailing Frame Janko have launched themselves, with admirably polished poise into the uncertain SA indie music sphere” from Texx and the City, for their debut single and music video Keep Her, FRAME JANKO is right on track.


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